Sample Gas Probes A comprehensive range of advanced sample probes in a modular design. Heated or non heated, up-stream or down-stream filters, also for hazardous areas.
Sample Gas Filters Particularly designed for sample conditioning systems. Filterelements easy to change due to the Buehler unique connection. Easy maintenance also for the heated version.
Sample Gas Pumps A rugged design proven in hundreds of sample systems, pumps condensate carrying gas streams. Low noise emmissions due to mounting console with shock absorbers.
Sample Gas Coolers A very effective range of heat exchangers made from various materials in connection with high performance cooling systems provides exceptional stable dew points, an essential issue for trouble free analyser systems. Compact physical dimensions require little installation space. A broad range of accessories help to discharge the condensate efficiently.
Different possibilities of the condensate removal.
Flow Meters Material composition and configuration are particulary made for sample conditioning systems. Needle valve and flow controller are available optional.
Accessories Needle valves, directional valves, fittings and various pressure regulators for the professional design of sample systems.
NOx Converter Easy and reliable conversion of NOx to NO. Long lifetime, no production of CO and CO2. No cross interference with water.
Analysers An interesting range of portable and stationary gas analysers with various configurations and measuring principles.
Complete Systems Portable, 19" rack or individually designed application specific sample conditioning systems. We follow your specs.
Oil detection
High Temperature Measurement